Residential (Interior)

Kitchen New Wood

The first most important part about a interior home project is giving yourself the permission and allowing ProperColorPainting to do the rest

Kitchen New Wood

Once again, you will see how we will make the change and slowly shape itself into your own dream kitchen

Prepping & Priming

Prepping and Priming are most important part of your project. We start by cleaning, masking and covering all of the property

to prepare for priming

Caulking & Painting

This stage we caulk all and any visible holes and cracks, prior to painting.

Finally we will apply paint either by spray painting or brush and roll

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The fun part is enjoying your new kitchen over and over again, while knowing you made the right decision

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Remember "it's not Just a house, it's your home."

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Before and After

Kitchen Cabinets Before

Give your kitchen a new face lift!

Kitchen Cabinets After

You don't have to spend a fortune!

Residential (Exterior)

Power Washing

Power washing is important in order to clean and remove particles that you may not  see, in order for your product to stick and last


Caulking all cracks and holes are a must. This will help seal your home from outside weather conditions thus preventing any water damages

Prepping & Priming

Masking windows, covering and protecting the property is a must. Priming is necessary where you see any raw area's or new wood 


Now, you are ready for the painting. Paint will be applied evenly using a brush & roll method or spray method

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Now you can enjoy your home and feel proud that you made the right the decision


Share The Big News!

Remember "it's not just a house, it's your home!"

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Before and After

Siding and Bricks Before

Just by painting certain items, will make a big difference

Siding and Bricks After

as you noticed changing color will change the look

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