Commercial (Interior)

Framing Walls

Creating frame walls may done from wood or sheet metal, must be measured, cut and installed properly

Installing Drywall

Installing the drywall includes measuring, cutting, drilling screws and installing drywall equally around the framed walls

Tape & Bedding

Tape & Bedding is done to hide all seams, holes and any indentations. This will make the new walls smooth and even.

Installing Doors & Trim

Now we install all (wood or metal) doors and Trim.  After the painting/priming we will install the cove base.

Priming & Painting

All new wood and drywall must have a primer coat. Paint will be applied using a brush & roll method.

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The new space is cleaned and is now ready to be used for your business.

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Commercial (Exterior)

Power Washing

Power washing is important in order to clean and remove particles that you may not see, in order for your product to stick and last


Here you will see that using a boom lift is necessary to reach certain higher area's for priming.


Painting will be applied evenly using the spray method. Once again using a knuckle and straight boom lifts allows us to reach higher levels

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The property is left clean and is now ready and operational.

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